Matthew Graham (Founding & Managing Partner, Ryze Labs & Advisor to ZIGDAO): Matthew is the Managing Partner and key visionary at Ryze Labs. He founded Ryze in 2015, initially as a sell-side tech investment banking platform with a focus on representing international technology companies for strategic partnership and investment in emerging markets. Under his leadership, Ryze Labs invested in leading projects like Polygon & Sui at seed stages. Matthew has made invaluable contributions as an advisor to ZIGDAO. Julian Gropp (Partner, Parataxis Capital & Advisor to ZIGDAO): Partner & Portfolio Manager for a multi-strategy Hedge Fund focused on the Digital Asset Sphere. Julian has had notable advisory engagements, with his top success story being the sale of a Kuwait-based delivery company to DeliveryHero. He stands among the earliest advisors of ZIGDAO, offering unparalleled advisory expertise in critical areas like strategic finance and investment rounds.

Mauvis Ledford (CEO & Principal Advisor, Bitninja & Technical Advisor to ZIGDAO ): Mauvis is a prominent figure in WEB3 circles, providing advisory services to leading projects such as DexTools, PixelCraft, and Decentraweb. With years of experience in key leadership roles at renowned companies like CoinMarketCap, Mauvis's technical guidance has consistently produced outstanding results for ZIGDAO.

MakerDAO (Advisor to ZIGDAO): MakerDAO is a decentralized organization dedicated to bringing stability to the cryptocurrency economy. The founding team at MakerDAO has extended their support to facilitate Zignaly's transition into ZIGDAO. This support encompasses guidance on establishing governance structures within a DAO and fostering ecosystem development for the ZIG coin. Eric Lim (CEO, Strait Labs & Advisor to ZIGDAO): Eric, a dedicated advocate of Web3 technology, has immersed himself in the blockchain and digital assets industry for seven years. In a remarkably short timeframe, he founded StraitLabs, Lysithea Ventures, and Pantera ICO Group. Eric is at the forefront of WEB3 Marketing, with a special focus on Korea. His guidance has played a pivotal role in ZIGDAO's development, spanning critical areas such as growth strategies and market expansion.

Bilal Bin Saqib (Growth Advisor to ZIGDAO): Bilal Bin Saqib is a Blockchain Marketing Advisor with an extensive track record in building web3 companies in Asia and Europe. Since 2017, Bilal has been advising various projects with their go-to-market strategy, helping them scale through his network and experience in penetrating global markets. His work in Strategy and Innovation has been recognized by Forbes in their Asia 30 under 30 list. His role at ZIGDAO encompasses crucial responsibilities in Business Development, Marketing, and external communications, where he shapes ZIGDAO’s strategic growth initiatives.

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