Core Team

Bart R. Bordallo (Co-Founder & CEO @ ZIGDAO): A data-driven entrepreneur and blockchain advocate, excels at pioneering disruptive technologies. His successes include Tractionboard and Jooicer in Digital Marketing. Since 2018, he's propelled ZIGDAO's transformation (previously Zignaly) from a signal-providing platform to a comprehensive Digital Asset Investment Management platform with institutional-level features, now in 2023. Abdul Rafay Gadit (Co-Founder & Master of Coin @ ZIGDAO): Rafay envisions a financially independent world. As ZIGDAO's 'Master of Coin,' he drives token ecosystem development, business growth, and more, keeping $ZIG at the center of everything. Further, he is also a founder at, a Venture Capital Firm through which he empowers founders and new tech globally. His standout success is Cloudways, acquired for $350M by DigitalOcean. David Rodriguez (Co-Founder & CMO @ ZIGDAO): A seasoned WEB3 Marketing & Growth Executive fueling ZIGDAO's expansion. He's adept at scaling businesses through online advertising, affiliate programs, and SaaS marketing, with a lead generation focus. As a serial entrepreneur with two successful exits, he's fully committed to ZIGDAO's growth and scale.

Natalia Ávila (Project Manager @ ZIGDAO): A results-oriented Project Manager skilled in orchestrating complex initiatives for success. She has been the driving force behind managing our transformations from a development standpoint, From Copy Trading to Profit Sharing 1.0 and later 2.0 – and now, our move to ZIGDAO.

Matias Curros (Success Trader Lead @ ZIGDAO): Within the ZIGDAO Ecosystem, Expert Traders hold a pivotal role, and our dedicated Success Trader team, led by Matias, is well-versed in every aspect of this domain. From managing leads to facilitating onboarding and providing post-onboarding support, Matias ensures comprehensive support for our Expert Traders.

Adrian Pinilla (Security - DevOps Lead @ ZIGDAO): ZIGDAO’s Security DevOps Lead, Adrian, is the digital guardian shielding ZIGDAO from ever-evolving cyber threats. His journey began with a fascination for the intersection of technology and security, and now, his dedication extends beyond our walls as he actively collaborates with the cybersecurity communities around the globe. He orchestrates holistic security strategies and champions security awareness

Ehsan Sheikh (Business Development Lead @ ZIGDAO): A goal-driven Business Development Lead, Ehsan is a native of the Web3 world with profound insights into the space. His core strengths include recognizing growth prospects, cultivating crucial industry partnerships, and employing diverse strategies to scale business.

Ellen Maier (Human Resources Lead @ ZIGDAO): Leading the Human Resources team at ZIGDAO, Ellen is a seasoned HR leader dedicated to optimizing remote working environments and empowering talent. With a proven track record in HR, & organizational psychology, she creates an inclusive, growth-oriented environment for the ZIGDAO team.

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