Obstacle Into The Opportunity

The traditional investment and fund management industry faces several critical challenges that hinder accessibility, efficiency, and profitability. These issues include:

Complexity and Hassles for Investors and Fund Managers:

  • Investors and fund managers often struggle with the complexities of managing investments, including the extensive tasks of accounting, tracking, and overall management.

  • The process of investing and fund management can be time-consuming and complex.

Lack of Objective Fund Manager Evaluation:

  • Investors lack transparent and objective ways to evaluate and choose fund managers that suit their needs. This leads to a lack of investor confidence in their investment journey. This absence of standardized evaluation metrics makes identifying high-quality fund managers challenging.

Limited Monetization Options for Fund Managers:

  • Regardless of their credibility and expertise, talented fund managers often lack accessible platforms to monetize their skills or communities.

  • Many fund managers cannot reach a wider audience or establish themselves as credible investment professionals.

Barriers for Fund Composers:

  • Individuals or teams with excellent marketing skills or existing communities look for ways to bring value to their communities and develop an additional income stream from those communities.

  • Building and managing portfolios require significant effort and expertise.

Inefficiencies in Customization and Branding:

  • Customizing investment interfaces, adding essential features, and establishing a unique brand identity can be complex, resource-intensive and costly for fund managers and composers.

  • Lack of access to modular add-ons and tools restricts customization options.

Limited Opportunities for Collaboration and Development:

  • The investment management industry lacks a centralized marketplace for integrations, collaborations, and development of tools and services.

  • Developers and creators struggle to contribute to the ecosystem and monetize their solutions.

Inadequate Industry Standards:

  • The absence of industry standards and reliable metrics for assessing fund manager quality hinders investor decision-making and fund manager self-improvement.

  • Investors often struggle to match their risk preferences with available fund managers.

The ZIGDAO protocol aims to address these challenges by introducing a comprehensive ecosystem that simplifies investment processes, enables objective fund manager evaluation through the Z-Score, facilitates monetization for fund managers, empowers fund creators, offers customization and add-ons, fosters collaboration, and establishes industry standards. The protocol seeks to revolutionize the fund management landscape, making it more accessible, efficient, and profitable for all participants.

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