ZIG Coin - The Value Driver

Over the last couple of years, Zignaly (Now ZIGDAO) has introduced various innovations to add value to the ZIG Coin. Initiatives such as ZIGPad, ZIG Vault, ZIG Bids, and a few other things were launched to attract utility towards the coin and generate demand. Some of these initiatives were successful and generated significant community interest and long-term demand towards the ZIG Coin.

However, in our journey towards long-term vision fulfillment, it became evident that the value of the ZIG Coin can only be driven truly by associating it with the success of the protocol. The two most obvious ways to create this association are via protocol revenue distilling into the ZIG Coin and to give the holders some control over how the protocol operates in the long run. Therefore, ZIGDAO will focus on the Buyback & Burn to deflate the supply of the ZIG Coin using significant revenue chunks, as well as provide token utility by way of governance in the ZIGDAO Protocol in the mid to long term.

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