Security is vital in any blockchain project; we take it seriously at ZIGDAO. We have been running the protocol for five years and have experienced many attacks, from phishing attacks to DDoS, to specific targeted ones to our bridge smart contract. Luckily, we haven’t suffered any significant loss other than service degradation. We are also aware of the numerous hacks out there, knowing that it’s challenging to survive after one.

With this in mind, ZIGDAO has the following measurements into consideration:

Interface Level Security

Zignaly offers all kinds of measurements for users to protect themselves: 2FA, strong passwords, and strong encryption when we need to store any data. Also, we keep the community informed about good practices.

Custody of Funds

Zignaly or ZIGDAO doesn’t have custody of any funds. Currently, ZIGDAO only works with Binance, the ultimate custodian of the users’ funds. They meet the internationally recognized ISO/IEC 27001 standard. Also, they keep a fund, SAFU, with 10% of every trading fee, just in case something happens, to cover any potential hack.

The DeFi Way

As we explained, we plan to go DeFi and add a smart contract layer between investors and traders. ZIGDAO counts in-house with security experts. Also, we’ll look for third-party audits to have external validation.

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