Technology Overview

Profit Sharing 2.0 (PS2.0)

Current Profit-Sharing V2 technology, PS2.0, is based on a centralised solution using CEX exchanges to pool funds from investors and give restricted access to the traders to manage the funds on behalf of the participants.

The protocol’s core is written in Python and uses a relational database. The core is highly independent of the interface and even the exchange, which allows building different solutions on top of it and integrations with different exchanges.

Currently, the protocol code runs in AWS but can be easily exported to any other platform.


Moving to DeFi doesn’t mean making things difficult for the final users. ZIGDAO keeps in mind that most of the investors aren’t crypto-savvy. They look for a solution like Zignaly because they don’t want to learn how to use a wallet or worry about scams and having to watch 1,000 hours of YouTube videos to buy an SDT. Interfaces like Zignaly and others created by the community will make it easy for the masses to participate in the protocol. Even for the fund manager, it will be as easy as to use Metamask.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AIML)

ZIGDAO leverages machine learning and AI technology to provide users with advanced analytical tools and data-driven information. Enabling them to make informed decisions.

The first tool is Z-Score, a rating algorithm that considers different factors to measure the effectiveness of a service. Z-Score allows investors to make better decisions and gives traders valuable insight to improve their performance. Fund composers can also combine services based on their score and sub-metrics to create the best portfolios.

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