ZIGDAO Protocol Overview

ZIGDAO is building an ecosystem around its state-of-the-art Profit-Sharing technical solution. Profit-sharing is an outcome of 5 years of constant development, allowing investors and fund managers to work together without the hassles of dealing with accounting, trackability, transparency, security, and fund movement. To leverage AI and Machine Learning technologies, the protocol has also developed an AI rating algorithm, Z-Score, that ranks fund managers based on various factors, making it easy for investors to identify the fund manager that suits their risk profile.

ZIGDAO will allow any fund manager or composers to deploy a customized interface on top of the protocol, allowing them to monetize their expertise or communities.

Fund Manager:

A Fund Manager can be termed as an expert individual with deep-down crypto trading and investment knowledge, aiming to monetize the skill set, or a professional fund already managing a set of third-party clients. ZIGDAO allows the full range of flexibility to these managers, picking the solution that suits them best (explained in detail under the Z-Prime section)

A fund manager can own a customized & personalized interface to manage their customers or community without exposing them to other fund managers, protecting customer loyalty and retention. These Fund Managers continue to have the option to have the fund management service(s) appear in the global Z-Ranking system, comparing them with the other global service providers and attracting more AUM (from fund composers or individual investors) to their services.

Fund Composer:

A fund composer is a person or team with excellent marketing skills or an already established community. They can pick up a selection of services from the global ranking and create a portfolio. In the same way that a fund composer can deploy a customized interface on top of their selection of services and market them.

Both fund managers and composers can charge a success fee for the profits they make from their users. They will be able to customize their interface, not only in design, adapting it to their brand and style, but also in selecting different add-ons from an open marketplace to offer a complete experience to their users.

Current potential add-ons include:

  • A KYC/KYB module

  • Referral programs

  • Monthly payments

  • Management fee

  • Themes

  • Extended analytics

  • Mobile app

This open marketplace can be a place for integrations with other platforms like a trading terminal, tax management software, etc.

The add-on marketplace will be open to collaborators who want to develop for ZIGDAO and charge for it, opening the door to onboarding a community of developers and creators.

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