Zignaly B2B | Whitelabel Solutions

Keeping in mind the long-term vision, and the need of the industry to facilitate the fund management process, our Whitelabel solutions is the latest offering, enabling professionals to use Zignaly’s state-of-the-art technology to offer investment management to their profile of users in the way they want to. We have two main plans while staying flexible in terms of the requirements:


This is best suited for small-sized funds, traders, community leaders, and private fund managers. This basic version allows the manager to stay within the existing Zignaly ecosystem and manage their investors privately, keeping the churn minimal.


This is ideal for companies seeking a tailor-made solution. This entirely bespoke solution allows them to access the services of Zignaly's exclusive Partners under a single unified investment experience.

This technology is the growth engine that enables Zignaly to further press on the vision of enabling financial freedom across the masses by equipping fund managers to tweak and market their skills as they find suitable to their audience.

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