ZIGDAO - Road Ahead

A smart contract will control what the fund manager can do. It’s important to highlight that whatever isn’t explicitly allowed by the smart contract will be rejected.

PS3 allows fund managers to keep operating in CEXs and to start using DeFi options, given the possibility of integrating DeFi protocol into the ecosystem.

ZIGDAO Journey Towards a True DAO

With ZIGDAO in operation, we've established a framework to democratize access to equal investing opportunities worldwide, all while keeping ZIG Coin at the core of our approach.

This structural shift relies on six meticulously refined layers to transform the Social Investing landscape. We term it the 'ZIGDAO Commitment':

  1. Funding: As ZIGDAO evolves, we envision all our Marketplace-listed services to issue their own tokens. Scaling in and out of services will now be as easy as buying and selling the service token. The number of tokens issued by each service provider (formerly ‘Expert Traders) will be capped as per their preference. Hence, the Investors are provided ease in selling the tokens. There will be two mechanics: a liquidity pool program and an auto-liquidation mechanism, both built into the smart contract.

  2. Governance: The most critical layer of the ZIGDAO – this will put the decision-making power in the hands of the ZIG holders. To provide a fair, fast, and transparent decision-making process, ZIGDAO will avoid the 1-token = 1-vote framework. Subsequently, a “rough consensus” governance model will be implemented. ZIG Holders at ZIGDAO will delegate their tokens to trusted community members who can represent them in a council. This mechanism is subject to change as per community decision.

  3. Trading: This layer of the ZIGDAO truly empowers our Service Providers and Investors by broadening access to multiple asset classes currently not supported by the existing model. On ZIGDAO, our Service Providers can expand into newer markets and horizons: CEXs trading, DEXs trading, yield farming, NFTs, lending, and validating transactions. ZIGDAO will remain agnostic to the asset class. The returns of these services will be reflected in the price of the service token.

  4. Data: ZIGDAO has always believed in complete transparency on the performance track records of our Service Providers. Naturally, the next step is to store the performance track record on an immutable decentralized database. The value of the service token will be stored along with relevant data points such as supply, assets, and smart contracts used. The value of the service token will be evaluated by external oracles or transparent mechanisms in case the oracles do not support certain assets.

  5. ZIGLab: It is the unit behind our vault, ZIGPad, and ZIGBids. ZIGLab serves three purposes: expanding Zignaly's reach, benefiting $ZIG holders, and creating opportunities for Service Providers. The ZIGLab unit will continue to benefit the ZIGDAO ecosystem. However, the updated mechanics will allow the Service Providers to benefit their followers from these opportunities. This adds another layer of winning investment strategies.

  6. Interface: ZIGDAO aims to maintain its’ ‘One-Click’ approach. Going decentralized does not necessarily mean going complex. The interface layer will ensure that ZIGDAO remains easy to use and the end-user does not have to understand complex jargons. It is essential to make the service performance track records easily consumable, and a user-friendly interface will make that possible. Furthermore, a social component will be built into the ZIGDAO so that the community’s feedback is always highlighted. The interface will be connected to the protocol through an open API, allowing our Z-Prime partners to create their own versions.

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